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You’re probably figuring out that it can be difficult to find a dependable, local, and trusted metal supplier. When you’re ready to start looking for metal sheets in Utah, you’ll find all the metal roofing supplies you need here at Legacy Metal Center. Legacy Metal provides our customers high-quality metal sheets and standing seam roof panels. We serve the Thompson Springs, Westwater, Green River, Castle Valley, Moab, Vernal, Blanding, Provo, and Salt Lake City Area.

Great service!

Whether it’s a phone call or a visit, Julia does such a wonderful job to make ya feel welcomed and assisted as needed! Great service!

Yakon Akinin


These guys are topnotch! They rolled the new High rib profile metal for our new house and absolutely love it! These guys can custom bend about any trim u need and are always easy and friendly to deal with!!!!!

Marlin Yoder

Got It Done!

Abandoned by our contractor, we went to Legacy Metal with a very difficult job of trying to decipher very confusing blue prints and fill our order to finish our metal building! They stepped up to the job and got it done for us in record time!

Rhonda Thompson

excellence staff!!

Great store! excellence staff!!
Aaron Hofland

Customer first business

Wow outstanding customer service, these guys go above and beyond really appreciate there quick response definitely will be using them again they’re customer first business

Roy Maestas

Great People!

Great people. We lost a roof panel during the recent windstorms.
Legacy made us a replacement sheet within an hour, at a good price. We needed a non-standard length, not something other suppliers had. Since they form the panels right there, custom length was no problem. And they have a wide variety of colors. All the other places I checked were more expensive and it would have taken weeks to get a standard length panel. I don’t think custom-length panels were even an option.
Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you.

Emma Camp

Consistent quality

Quick turn around times and Consistent quality. Definitely recommend.

Julian Garber

Enjoyed doing business with them.

They will work with you at every angle. Enjoyed doing business with them.

Deanna Stone

They do a excellent job.

Brothers Love Carpentry recomends 10 out of 10. A great place for metal roofing, siding and trim. They do a excellent job. We use them for all of our custom homes, home additions and remodels.

Brother Grimes

Excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service. Even though my job wasn’t huge they helped answer all my questions and get me the products I needed. I would use them again 100%!

Glen Thompson

Hard working

Hard working, Honest people

Calvin Stoltzfus

Metal Siding Panel Supplier in Utah

You can find metal supply panels here in Utah, including PBR, corrugated, AG, and Hi-Rib metal siding panels. We are here to help you whether you are a shed builder, a home builder, a DIYer, or a pole barn contractor looking for a metal siding panel supplier to work with to get better metal pricing and a faster turnaround.

PBR Panel Siding Supplier in Utah

PBR panels for sale in Utah

PBR stands for Purlin Bearing R panel. These panels feature a large overlap area and are designed for use with visible fasteners. This design enhances the metal-to-metal contact, creating a stronger and more weather-resistant seal. Each PBR panel measures 36 inches wide, with major ribs 12 inches apart and additional smaller ribs in between. You can choose from various colors to customize your metal shed or structure.

AG Panel Siding Supplier in Utah

AG metal panels in Utah

The common type of metal siding for sheds is called an AG panel. Our AG Panel is 36 inches wide with big ribs spaced 9 inches apart and smaller supporting ribs. It's a type of sheet metal with exposed fasteners, often used for utility structures, light commercial buildings, or farms, which is why it's called "AG panel." The big ribs are 3/4 inch tall and come in various colors. As your metal provider in Utah, we offer top-quality AG panel sidings!

7/8" Corrugated Siding Supplier in Utah

corrugated metal in Utah

Our 7/8" corrugated metal sheet profile is a straightforward and practical choice for your shed. It features ribs that are 7/8" apart from top to top. These corrugated sheets are 32" wide and can be cut to your desired length. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can customize your shed to look unique. Just pick a trusted metal supplier in Utah before you place your order!

What Is The Difference Between These Panels?

What Is The Difference Between These Panels (4)

Corrugated siding has a wavy pattern that helps it handle water well, making it a good choice for areas that get a lot of rain. AG panels, or Agricultural panels, are flat and sturdy. They're often used on barns and storage buildings because they’re tough and affordable. PBR siding, which stands for Purlin Bearing Rib, has an extra overlap feature that makes it even better at preventing leaks, so it’s great for places that need extra protection from the weather.

Roof Panel Utah Metal Supplier

If you are a roofing contractor looking for a reliable Utah Metal Supplier to get your quality materials on time with better metal pricing, you’ve arrived to the right place! At Legacy Metal Center we offer only the top-quality metal roof panel material to you; roofers in Utah!

PBR Panel Roofing Supplier in Utah


In the Utah winter, PBR roofing panels are an excellent choice for a long-lasting shed roof! PBR panels roofing, like PBR siding, is an abbreviation for Purlin Bearing R panel. PBR roofing panels have a larger overlap section, which results in a more weathertight roof..

AG Panel Roofing Supplier in Utah


AG panel has traditionally been associated with agricultural buildings, hence the name. The ribs on AG panels are smaller than those on PBR panels, but they are closer together. Ribs on an agricultural panel are 9″ apart and 34″ tall. Our AG roofing panels are 36″ wide and come in various lengths. Before placing your order, make sure you are choosing a reliable metal supplier in Utah!

7/8" Corrugated Roofing Supplier


Corrugated sheet metal is a low-cost, lightweight metal shed roofing panel. Our 7/8″ corrugated shed roofing is cold-rolled in Utah. The ribs stand 7/8″ tall, while the sheets are 32″ wide. Choose from our wide range of colors to create a one-of-a-kind shed roof.

Shed Trim Colorado Metal Supplier

 Your project deserves the best! If you're looking for trim for your metal shed, you've come to the right place. Explore our variety of ridge caps, side trims, and rat guard profiles to find exactly what you need to build a new shed or update an existing one. You can customize the length and color of all our trim options to ensure they perfectly fit your vision and requirements.

metal supplier in colorado springs trim

Where is Your Metal Supplier For Utah

Legacy Metal Center is the place to go if you need shed sheet metal in Utah. We roll our sheet metal and metal trim products in Penrose, Colorado. We would be delighted to serve you! Contact us today for a standing seam metal roof, or to learn more about how Legacy Metal Center can meet your metal shed siding and roofing needs.

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