Metal Panel Supplier In New Mexico

Reliable Metal Supplier in New Mexico

Looking for a dependable metal supplier in the US can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? But if you’re in New Mexico and require metal sheets or roofing panels, your quest is over. We’re a Colorado-based metal supplier, happy to cater to New Mexico. Legacy Metal is the place to go for high-quality metal sheets. We serve areas like Raton, Capulin, Des Moines, Maxwell, Springer, Cimarron, Sante Fe, Albuquerque, and more in New Mexico. Our promise is to bring quality and dependability straight to you..

Metal Siding Panel Supplier For New Mexico

We’re here to help with your shed building project, whether you’re a homeowner, a DIY enthusiast, or a pole barn contractor searching for metal siding that’s both speedy and affordable. We offer a variety of metal siding panels, including PBR, corrugated, AG, and Hi-Rib, serving as your go-to metal supplier in NM.

PBR Panel Siding Supplier in New Mexico

PBR stands for Purlin Bearing R panel. PBR panels have a wider overlap area and are panels with visible fasteners. This means more metal touching metal, which makes a stronger and weatherproof seal. Our PBR panel is 36 inches wide, with big ribs spaced 12 inches apart and smaller ones in between. You can pick from a variety of colors to make your metal shed stand out.

AG Panel Siding Supplier in New Mexico

Our metal shed siding panel is the AG panel. It’s 36 inches wide with big ribs 9 inches apart, along with some smaller structural ribs. It’s a type of sheet metal that uses open fasteners for utility buildings, light commercial spaces, and agricultural buildings, which is why it’s called the “AG panel.” The big ribs stand 34 inches tall and come in different colors. As your metal supplier in NM, we offer you top-quality AG panel sidings!

7/8″ Corrugated Siding Supplier in New Mexico

Our 7/8″ corrugated metal sheet profile is a basic and practical option for your shed. The ribs on this sheet measure 7/8″ from the highest point to the lowest. These corrugated siding sheets are 32″ wide and can be customized to fit your needs. Plus, you have plenty of color choices to create a unique shed. Remember to pick a trusted metal supplier like Legacy Metal Center before making your purchase!

Metal Roof Panel Supplier in New Mexico

If you’re a roofer in New Mexico and need a dependable metal supplier for your roofing projects, you’re in luck! Legacy Metal Center has got you covered. We provide top-notch metal roof panels at competitive prices, ensuring you get quality materials on time, every time.

PBR Roofing Supplier in New Mexico

During the winter months in New Mexico, PBR roofing panels make for a great option when you’re looking for a durable shed roof! PBR panels, which stand for Purlin Bearing R panel, are similar to PBR siding. These roofing panels have a wider overlap area, making the roof more resistant to weather.

AG Roofing Supplier In New Mexico

AG panels are typically used for agricultural buildings, hence the name. They have smaller ribs compared to PBR panels, but they’re closer together. The ribs on AG panels are spaced 9 inches apart and are 34 inches tall. Our AG roofing panels are 36 inches wide and come in different lengths. Before ordering, ensure you pick a dependable metal supplier in New Mexico.

7/8″ Corrugated Roofing Supplier

Corrugated sheet metal serves as an affordable and lightweight option for shed roofing. Our 7/8″ corrugated shed roofing is made through cold rolling in New Mexico. The ridges are 7/8″ high, and the sheets are 32″ wide. Select from various colors to customize your shed roof to your liking.

Metal Shed Trim Supplier in New Mexico

You need trim for your metal shed? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re putting up a new shed or sprucing up an old one, we’ve got all the trim you’ll need. Check out our ridge caps, side trim, and rat guard profiles to find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you need custom lengths or colors, we can do that too!

trim profiles from legacy metal center in new mexico

Where is Your Metal Panel Supplier in NM

Legacy Metal Center is the place to go if you need shed sheet metal in the state of New Mexico. In Penrose, CO, we roll all of our sheet metal and metal trim products. We would be delighted to serve you! Contact us today; your metal supplier for NM to learn more about how Legacy Metal Center can meet your metal shed siding and roofing needs.

Legacy Metal Center is your go-to destination for shed sheet metal in New Mexico. Based in Penrose, CO, we manufacture all our sheet metal and metal trim items. We’re eager to assist you! Reach out to us today; we’re your metal supplier for NM, and we’d love to discuss how Legacy Metal Center can fulfill your requirements for metal shed siding and roofing.

Great People!

Great people. We lost a roof panel during the recent windstorms.
Legacy made us a replacement sheet within an hour, at a good price. We needed a non-standard length, not something other suppliers had. Since they form the panels right there, custom length was no problem. And they have a wide variety of colors. All the other places I checked were more expensive and it would have taken weeks to get a standard length panel. I don’t think custom-length panels were even an option.
Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you.

Emma Camp


These guys are topnotch! They rolled the new High rib profile metal for our new house and absolutely love it! These guys can custom bend about any trim u need and are always easy and friendly to deal with!!!!!

Marlin Yoder

Got It Done!

Abandoned by our contractor, we went to Legacy Metal with a very difficult job of trying to decipher very confusing blue prints and fill our order to finish our metal building! They stepped up to the job and got it done for us in record time!

Rhonda Thompson