Metal Panels

Legacy Metal is your Colorado Base metal panel supplier. We offer 5 different metal panel profiles for roofing or siding. We have a large selection of colors available and offer custom panel lengths. Contact us if you would like more information on our panel profiles.

Ag Panels

We offer Ag metal panels in 26 and 29-gauge corrosion-resistant steel. Ag panels are preferred for agricultural, industrial, and light commercial applications. We typically turn around Ag Panel orders in 48 business hours.

  • Panel width: 36″
  • Rib Height: ¾.”
  • Rib Features: 9″ centers
  • Standard Gauges: 26 & 29
  • Colors
ag panel copy

Snap Lock Panels

Snap Lock is used in light commercial buildings or areas with long runs that may result in thermal expansion. We roll our snap lock panels in 26-gauge steel. Clips are used to attach the panel instead of using exposed fasteners.

  • Panel width: 16″
  • Rib Height: 15/16″
  • Standard Gauge: 26
  • Color
snap lock metal panels

Board and Batt

Our Board and Batten metal panels are designed to look like wooden board and batten siding. The Board and Batten metal panels have concealed fasteners and have a gap between each sheet to resemble batten. We roll our board and batten in 26 or 29-gauge.

  • Panel width: 8 – 24″ coverage
  • Rib height: 1 ½”
  • Gauges: 26 & 29
  • Colors
board and batt metal panels

Corrugated Metal Panels

 We offer 26 and 29-gauge corrugated metal panels. We have about a 2 week lead time on corrugated panel orders. We use corrosion-resistant steel for our panels. Corrugated panels are usually used for light-duty roofing and siding applications.

  • Panel width: 32″
  • Rib height: 7/8″
  • Rib features: 2.67″ centers
  • Gauges: 26
  • Colors
corrugated panel metal panels

PBR Panels

Legacy Metal Center offers high-quality 26 gauge PBR panels. PBR panels feature an extra rib in the center that gives extra rib in the center, giving additional strength and durability. We roll our panels from corrosion-resistant steel designed to withstand hard weather conditions.

  • Panel Width: 36″
  • Rib Height: 1 ¼”
  • Rib Features: 12″ Centers
  • Standard Gauges: 26 Gauge
  • Colors
pbr metal panels

Hi-Rib Metal Panels

We offer 26 gauge Hi-Rib metal panels. Hi-Rib panels feature 3 tall ribs and smaller ribs between, giving additional strength and durability. We roll our panels from corrosion-resistant steel and can make custom lengths for your structure.

  • Panel Width: 36″
  • Rib Height: 1 1/2″
  • Rib Features: 18″ Centers
  • Standard Gauges: 26 Gauge
  • Colors
high rib

Metal Siding Trim

Metal siding and roofing are great for protecting your home, shop, or utility building, but you don’t want to forget the trim as well. We offer multiple metal siding trim profiles for any roofing or siding application. Metal trim keeps your building weathertight and adds an aesthetic appeal to your building.

metal panel trim

How to Get Started


Use the Colorizer

Before ordering metal panels, we recommend using our 3D colorizer. You can see how the color scheme will look on your building before ordering.


Request a Quote

You can give us a call or submit a quote request on our website. Add the needed panel lengths, and we will quote you for your order.



Once you place the order, we will begin rolling your panels. We can deliver it to you, or if you want to pick it up, visit us at 375 Shoop Dr. Penrose, Co 81240.