Sheet Metal for Buildings

Do you need metal for your new building or metal to repair your building? You are in luck! Legacy Metal is your local supplier of metal for buildings in Penrose, Colorado! We offer six metal profiles which we roll in custom lengths for your project! Contact us to see how we can provide metal for your building!

3’ AG Panel

Our AG panel is perfect for commercial, residential, or agricultural metal buildings! Our AG panel is 36” wide with ¾” tall ribs 9 inches apart. This profile also features stiffening ribs between the taller ribs. Ag Panel is easy to install and uses an exposed fastener system. Our AG panel orders have a 48-hour turnaround, and we usually can deliver the order within a week.

sheet metal for buildings ag panel

3’ PBR Panel

PBR stands for Purlin Bearing R panel. These panels feature a larger overlap section than the standard R panel and taller ribs than the AG panel. This design makes the PBR panel more robust and water-tight than the standard R panel. Our PBR panel is 36” wide and features 1-¼” tall ribs 12” apart. This profile also features structural ribs between the larger ribs. Our PBR panel order has a turnaround of 7-10 days.

sheet metal for buildings pbr panel

Snap Lock

Snap Lock is the modern metal profile with a sleek look! Snap Lock panels snap together and are fastened with a concealed clip system. Since the fasteners are hidden, and the panels seal tightly, Snap Lock is one of the most weatherproof metal panel systems! Our snap-lock panels are 16” wide.

16 inch snap lock copy 2


High Rib metal panels feature even taller ribs than AG or PBR panels. Our High Rib panels are 36” wide with three tall ribs. High Rib panels also feature small structural ribs between the main ribs. High Rib also uses fewer fasteners than AG or PBR, making installation a breeze! Our High Rib panel orders have a 48-hour turnaround and usually can deliver the order within a week.

sheet metal for buildings highrib copy

⅞” Corrugated Metal Panels

Our ⅞” corrugated panel features ⅞” inch tall ridges. Taller ridges make this profile stronger than the 2-½” corrugated panels, but the panels are not as wide. Our ⅞” corrugated panels are 32” wide.

sheet metal for buildings 7 8 corrugated

Metal Trim for Buildings

We manufacture all the metal trim solutions you need for your metal buildings! Do you need a rat guard for your walls, snow stop for your roof, fascia trim, or eave trim? We make those and more! See our chart below for our metal trim profiles! Our metal trim orders have a 48-hour turnaround time, and we usually can deliver the order within a week.

sheet metal for buildings custom metal trim

Metal Building Colors

Your metal building does not have to be boring! Our sheet metal for buildings is rolled in-house and features Sherwin-Williams colors! We offer 20+ different color options to pick from! Check out our color chart below to see the possibilities. Be aware that your final color decision should be based on a color chip since computer and smartphone screen colors will vary slightly.

Sheet Metal for Buildings in Colorado

We roll our sheet metal for buildings locally in Penrose, Colorado. We sell our sheet metal for buildings to contractors and homeowners alike! Contact us to find out how we can provide the metal you need for your building!