Metal Siding Supplier Near Penrose

Metal Siding Supplier In Penrose

Metal siding is a popular choice for homes and buildings because it’s versatile, durable, and easy to install. With many different styles to choose from, like corrugated metal, you’ll find the perfect siding solution for your needs.

Should I use Metal Siding?

Corrugated steel siding has been a hit in the western US since the gold rush. Why? Because it’s affordable, rugged, fireproof, and can handle heavy snow. Metal siding and roofing are easy to transport and install and can be reused. This makes construction more budget-friendly and sturdy for Colorado winters. Plus, metal siding comes in various colors and styles, so your building will stand out.

Metal Siding Profiles For Sale in Penrose

A profile is like a design style for a metal panel, showing its unique shape. In Penrose, CO, we provide a variety of metal profiles, each with its own benefits. Want to know which one is right for you? Discover more about each metal style to choose the perfect one for your needs.

PBR Siding

PBR metal siding is a modern type of metal panel. PBR stands for ‘purlin bearing R’ panel. Think of purlins as connectors between rafters that strengthen your roof and building. PBR panels attach to these purlins and have a longer overlapping section. This extra overlap adds extra strength to the roof and keeps it better protected from water.

Corrugated Siding

Corrugated metal panels were created back in the 1800s. The regular corrugated siding you see is the most affordable and easy-to-find metal style out there. It can take a hit from hail or storms without getting dented, and it’s super low-maintenance. Plus, it won’t rot and can’t catch fire. If you take good care of your corrugated metal siding, it can keep your building safe for many decades.

AG Panel Siding

Ag Panel is a go-to choice for farms and utility buildings. It’s a simple and budget-friendly siding option with short ribs about ¾ inch tall, spaced 9 inches apart. People often use Ag Panel for roofs and walls on farm buildings or those sturdy post-frame structures. 

High Rib Siding

High Rib siding gives your building a sleek, contemporary style. It has taller ribs compared to AG or PBR panels and fewer support ribs in between, which means it needs fewer screws during installation. This saves time and money! High Rib is really popular, so we can quickly process orders and usually deliver within a week.

Metal Roofing Panels

If you need metal roofing near Penrose, check out Legacy Metal Center! We’ve got the perfect metal roof for your building or shed. Take a look at our top metal roofing styles below.

PBR Roofing

PBR panels are a top choice for roofs. They’re an improved version of R panels with a bigger overlap, which means they connect better and keep the weather out. This makes PBR roofing tough enough to handle the Penrose winter storms

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated panels are the classic metal roof choice. They’re super strong and last a long time. Plus, if you pick aluminum or stainless steel, your roof won’t fade, so it stays looking fresh for years. These panels can handle any weather, and the best part is, they won’t break the bank. It’s no surprise that corrugated roofing is a top pick!

AG Panel Roofing

If you’re looking for roofing for your farm building in Penrose, Ag Panel roofing is a great choice! These panels are strong and cost-effective. They use an exposed fastener system, making installation simple and affordable. Sometimes they’re called U Panel, and they’re ideal for roofs on farms, small businesses, and utility buildings. People even use them for pole buildings and barns, which is why they’re known as AG panels.

High Rib Roofing

High Rib is a modern metal roofing choice that’s really strong. It’s one of the toughest exposed fastener roofing systems available, with a big panel overlap that keeps the weather out and makes it even stronger. This roofing can handle Colorado’s weather in any situation.

Snaplock Roofing

Snaplock roofing has special edges on the panels that snap together like puzzle pieces, using clips to hold them in place on the roof. Because the clips are hidden underneath, you won’t see any screws, giving Snaplock roofing a neat and modern appearance. This strong connection keeps it weatherproof, which is great for the Penrose area.

Metal Trim Supplier in Penrose

Should I use metal trim? Metal trim is an important part of your roof and siding. It seals the joints and adds a nice touch to your building. Metal trim makes your roof stronger and keeps it sealed, especially in winter. It’s essential because it prevents water from getting in and makes your building neat. Check out the metal trim options we offer in Penrose.

metal trim supplier near penrose

Where to Buy Metal Siding and Roofing

If you are looking for a Metal siding or roofing supplier in Canon City, Colorado, Legacy Metal center is here for you! We roll our metal siding, roofing, and trim locally in Penrose, Colorado. If you need help completing your project, contact us today, and we will help you solve your problems. We have a quick turnaround with some of our most popular panels available for delivery within a week! We roll custom lengths, so no project is a problem. Contact us today and get your project done!

Great People!

Great people. We lost a roof panel during the recent windstorms.
Legacy made us a replacement sheet within an hour, at a good price. We needed a non-standard length, not something other suppliers had. Since they form the panels right there, custom length was no problem. And they have a wide variety of colors. All the other places I checked were more expensive and it would have taken weeks to get a standard length panel. I don’t think custom-length panels were even an option.
Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you.

Emma Camp


These guys are topnotch! They rolled the new High rib profile metal for our new house and absolutely love it! These guys can custom bend about any trim u need and are always easy and friendly to deal with!!!!!

Marlin Yoder

Got It Done!

Abandoned by our contractor, we went to Legacy Metal with a very difficult job of trying to decipher very confusing blue prints and fill our order to finish our metal building! They stepped up to the job and got it done for us in record time!

Rhonda Thompson