Sheet Metal Supply in Pueblo, CO

Legacy Metal Center has one goal. We want to be the premier sheet metal supplier in Colorado. Finding a dependable sheet metal supplier can be difficult, but you don’t have to look any further! We specialize in cold rolled sheet metal panels and metal trim. We service many areas of Colorado, including Pueblo, Pueblo West, Blende, Vineland, Avondale, and Salt Creek. We are located near Penrose, so look no further than Legacy Metal Center!

Sheet Metal Panel Supply in Pueblo, CO

Did your contractor leave you in a pinch? Do you have multiple sheet metal jobs coming up? No matter your sheet metal supply needs, we are here to help! We assist home, pole barn, shed, and DIY builders. We provide PBR, corrugate, Ag, and High Rib panels to Pueblo and the surrounding areas. We custom roll our panels so you can get precisely what you need. We even have a 48-hour turnaround time on our Ag and Hi Rib panels!

PBR Sheet Metal Panels

PBR is a particular type of R panel. PBR panel is 36″ wide with raised ribs and flat areas between the ribs. PBR stands for “Purlin Bearing R panel,” meaning it has a larger overlap section than the standard R panel. This overlap creates more metal-to-metal contact resulting in stronger, more water-tight panels. Choose from our color options, and we will cold roll custom panel lengths for you.

Corrugated Sheet Metal Panels

Our corrugated panel measures ⅞” from peak to peak. It is a simple yet functional sheet metal panel perfect for your siding needs. These panels are 32″ wide, and we will roll custom lengths for your project. Choose from our many color options to get the perfect corrugated sheet metal panel for your project.

AG Sheet Metal Panels

The traditional sheet metal profile used for agricultural buildings is the AG panel. Our AG sheet metal panels are 36″ wide with the ribs 9″ from ridge to ridge. This metal profile is also used for utility and light commercial building applications. It features smaller structural ribs between the prominent ribs to provide additional support and integrity. Get your custom AG panels today!

Metal Roofing Supplier in Pueblo, CO

If you need a roofing sheet metal supply in Pueblo, we got you covered! We offer top-quality roofing sheet metal that we cold roll locally in Penrose. No matter what your metal roofing needs are, we got you covered! We have a fast order turnaround, with our most popular panels having a 48-hour turnaround!

PBR Roofing Supplier

The Pueblo winter is brutal. A weathertight roof is essential in the Colorado winter! PBR roofing panels are exactly what you need. Like PBR siding, PBR roofing is a Purlin Bearing R panel. This panel profile gives you superior metal-to-metal contact for a more weathertight seal.

AG Roofing Supplier

AG panel roofing is most commonly used for agricultural, light commercial, and utility buildings, hence the name Ag Panel. The AG roofing panels feature smaller ribs than PBR roofing panels, but the structural ribs are closer together than the PBR roofing ribs. The Ag roofing panel are 36″ wide, and we roll custom lengths. No matter what size you need, we can help!

Corrugated Roofing Supplier

Corrugated are the low-cost and lightweight metal roofing panels of the industry. Our corrugated roofing panel feature ⅞” tall structural ribs. These panels are 32″ wide, and we cold roll custom length panels. Choose from our color selection for a unique corrugated metal roof!

Metal Trim Supplier in Colorado

Metal trim is needed for every sheet metal building. We have the metal trim profile you need for any building you are constructing. See our ridge caps, side trim, and rat guard profiles and how we can meet your metal trim requirements. We offer custom metal trim colors and lengths. We also cold roll metal trim locally! 

sheet metal supply in pueblo co

Your Sheet Metal Supply in Colorado

Legacy Metal Center is your metal supply in Pueblo, CO. We cold roll all our sheet metal panels and metal trim profiles locally in Penrose, CO. We would love to meet your sheet metal supply needs! Contact us today and see how we can fulfill your sheet metal supply needs!

Got It Done!

Abandoned by our contractor, we went to Legacy Metal with a very difficult job of trying to decipher very confusing blue prints and fill our order to finish our metal building! They stepped up to the job and got it done for us in record time!

Rhonda Thompson